4 Top Tips For Moving In Dubai and Sharjah Along With Your Pet(s)


Dubai and Sharjah are cities of many opportunities and luxury. You might even find yourself moving to these booming emirates with your family and furry friends! Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while shifting along with your pet(s) in Dubai and Sharjah!


One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is the documentation process. Make sure to keep a copy of your passport, your UAE permit and the UAE pet permit. You must also have your pet(s)’s original vaccination card. If you’ve moved into the Emirates, your pet(s) will need an animal passport.

The vaccination card will include your pet(s)’s microchip number and animal tattoos. It will also give your pet(s)’s complete description of their physical features and date of birth.

You will also need to provide an official statement declaring that your pet(s) has fulfilled the Emirates’ vaccination requirement. Additionally, you will be required to list the names of the vaccine administered and the date(s) of vaccination. It is also advisable to give the name of the vaccine manufacturer and batch number. 

You might also be required to produce your pet(s)’s Rabies Serum Neutralization Test (RSNT). It is wise to keep the original copy of an official health certificate of your pet(s) while you travel. The health certificate will be provided to you by a veterinarian. Doing this will also help you ensure that all of your pet(s)’ vaccines are up to date. Make sure to check that the validity of the test/vaccine/certificate is not expired.

You will also have to declare if your pet(s) have undergone any additional treatments. carrying the medical history of your pet can be handy. It might come in handy during travel checks.

It is rather tedious due to the amount of documentation that can make your move stressful. To ease the process, you can always approach your local relocation agencies. Movers and Packers in Dubai and Sharjah are well aware of these requirements. They will guide you through the entire move and can also help you procure the necessary documents. 

Animal Specific Vaccines Mandated in the UAE

If you are a cat owner, you will have to get your cat vaccinated or ensure that their vaccines are valid before relocation. 

Major Vaccines For Cats

  • FVRCP- It is administered at the following intervals: at 6-8 weeks, at 10-12 weeks, at 14-16 weeks, at the 1year mark and 3 years.
  • Rabies Vaccine- It needs to be given annually once your cat hits the 1-year mark. 
  • FPV Vaccine
  • FHV-1 Vaccine

Non-Major Vaccines for Cats

  •  FeLV

Major Vaccines for Dogs

  •  Rabies Vaccine- It needs to be given annually once your cat hits the 1-year mark. 
  •  Distemper- It is administered during the 6-16 weeks interval. 2 doses are given with a 4-week gap. 
  •  Parvovirus- It is given in the 6-16 weeks interval.
  •  Adenovirus-Type 1- It is given in the 6-16 weeks interval. 
  •  Adenovirus-Type 2- It is given in the 6-16 weeks interval. 

Non-Major Vaccines for Dogs

  •  Parainfluenza- It is given at the 6-8 weeks interval.
  •  Bordetella Bronchiseptica- 2 vaccines are given which can be administered at anytime
  •  Lyme disease
  •  Leptospirosis
  •  Canine influenza


Choosing The Ideal Mode of Transport

The mode of transport you opt for entirely depends on whether you’re moving within the city or between cities. For this, there are multiple travel options available. 

If you are moving cities, it is ideal to travel via aeroplane. You can choose for manifest cargo, excess luggage in the hold or excess luggage in the cabin. Another thing to keep in mind is that the range may be limited. The options will depend on your pet(s)’ breed and size, the airport facility and even your airline partner. 

When your pet(s) is travelling as manifest cargo, you will have to book its ticket. You can also have the option to choose whether it arrives before or after you. If you opt for the other options, you can travel alongside your pet(s) on the same flight. 

If you’re finding it confusing, you can approach your local moving company. It will help you find the best way to move along with your pet(s). It can be convenient when you’re moving on a budget or on short notice. 

Securing Your Pet(s) During Transit

You can also choose to move your pet(s) as cargo via air, road or even waterways. For this, you might have to opt for a travel crate. It is necessary if you are a dog owner. If your pet(s) is flying as cargo, the travel crate you choose for it must fulfil the requirements prescribed by the International Air Transport Association requirements. If it fails to do so, your pet(s) may be in detention for hours. 

Before you build or choose a crate, you must measure your pet(s). Doing this will ensure that the crate is airy and comfortable enough for your pet(s). You can also use travel crates if you decide to drive your pet(s) across the city too. The travel crate can be loaded into your moving company’s vehicle. 

This also allows you to not worry as much about their safety. And this is preferable if your pet(s) are anxious or not used to travelling. You can travel alongside them and provide them with the comfort they need. It will put both of you at ease and make your move easier!

Find the Best Movers and Packers in the UAE To Move Along With Your Pet(s)

Opting for the services provided by movers and packers when you’re moving with your pet(s) is ideal. This reduces the hassle of inter-city travel to the airport or the dock. It is also optimal due to the extensive knowledge they have concerning UAE’s rules and regulations. Finally, it can be helpful given the pandemic, the strict laws and precautions. 



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