8 Step Guide On Moving Out Of Your Villa In Dubai

Moving from one home to another can come with mixed feelings. You are excited about the new home while nostalgic about your old home. Amidst all those feelings, packing and handling all the move-out procedures can seem a bit chaotic. Mmovers a guide on moving out of your Dubai Villa.

You may be left wondering where to start packing while moving out. From settling bills and booking vehicles to moving out, a lot of things have to be considered. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to handle all your moving out procedures in Dubai:

1. Give Prior Notice To Your Landlords

You must inform your landlords at least 90 days before moving out as per Dubai laws. Notify them that you won’t be renewing the tenancy contract.

2. Finding The New Home

While on the notice period, start searching for a new home. Explore various options with the help of friends or an agent.

3. Maintenance Work On Your Current Home

Ensure your current home is returned in its original condition. Hire professionals to fix issues like peeled paint or broken switchboards, or inform the landlord if unable to do so.

4. Hire House Movers And Packers In Dubai

To make the process seamless, it would be great to hire the best villa movers in Dubai. They will be in charge of all the necessary packing and moving for you. They will take care of everything from packing your furniture and appliances and furniture to your wardrobe.

5. Pay A Visit To Your New House

Early visit your new home to check for any required maintenance work. Notify the landlord promptly for necessary fixes before moving in.

6. Get Your Documentation In Place

Complete all official paperwork and documentation before the move. Thoroughly read and sign the tenancy contract for the new home, paying required deposits and fees.

7. Apply For All Necessary Permits

Obtain a NOC from your current villa’s landlord before moving out. Additionally, secure a move-in permit from the community or apartment management of your new residence.

8. DEWA And Ejari 

Contact Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) on your last day of tenancy to settle the final bill or transfer your account to the new property. Inform them that you will be moving out and settle your final DEWA bill. Otherwise, you can also use their feature to transfer your account to your new property. 

In order to activate your DEWA supply to your new home, you will be required to finish your Ejari. Complete your Ejari registration with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai to activate DEWA supply to your new home.

Spend Some Quality Time!

MMoving out may seem chaotic, but breaking it into steps can bring clarity. Utilize services like those offered by Mmovers for smooth transitioning, leaving time to bid farewell to friends and neighbors.

All your moving and packing will be taken care of by the house movers and packers in Dubai. It will leave you with plenty of time to say goodbye to your friends and old neighbors. Reach out to Mmovers for any moving and packing services and requirements. Happy moving!

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