Moving the valuables: the important tips

Moving your valuables during relocation to a new home may seem to be scaring. Things like antiques, paintings, precious stones, glass, and bone China sets, electronics, jewelry, etc. are valuable and at the same time can be damaged easily. Other valuables include your documents and packing these things is different from your clothes or books for instance. If you are looking for reliable Sharjah Movers who can handle your antique and precious things then ask a quote from us. We are one of the most dependable Movers in Sharjah whom you can trust.

Create a list of valuables

Make a list of all your valuables, which ones are going with you in your personal bags and which you are giving the moving company for shifting. You have to cross-check with the list with the moving staff before and after the move.

Take a photograph

In the current digital world, taking a photograph is the easiest thing you can do. Keep all your valuables at a place (on your bed for instance) and take a clear picture of them. Both the list and photograph will help you identify missing or damaged items after the move.

Make insurance

If you are shifting costly valuables it is better to have an insurance cover for the move. The insurance generally covers the entire move and not just the valuables. A good moving company will provide you with insurance. Alternatively, you can book one by yourself.

Take the small items with you

Small items are at greater risk of getting misplaced and lost. So it is recommended to keep small, precious items with you during the move, instead of giving them to the moving company.

The moving company can take care of the big items

Of course, it will not be possible for you to take the big things with you. Make everything clear to the moving company regarding your requirements and care for the valuables. A proper moving company will have expertise in handling such items and have a special moving system for them.

Having the right packing materials

It is good to use new boxes for shifting, but if you are having pre-used ones then make sure they are not damaged and dry before placing the valuables in them. Have good packing papers and bubble wraps to keep the valuables damage-free during the move. Some boxes come with special padding inside to offer protection. These are good for moving your delicate and valuable belongings.

Do not keep any empty space in the boxes

If there are empty spaces between items are the packing, then fill them up with soft and crushed papers (newspapers will do). This will prevent the items from moving inside the boxes during shifting and prevent damage.

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