The Art of Packing: 6 Guidelines for the Art of Moving Your Things Safely

If you are moving to a new space, you must pack. That is how it is. Home or office, getting your possessions safe and sound to your new place is a crucial part of shifting. Movers and packers in Dubai and Sharjah help make your move easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Here are Six Guidelines for the Art of Moving Your Things Safely. 

1. Acquiring Packing Materials

It is always better to obtain the materials you require for packing before pulling things off your shelves. Acquiring cardboard boxes from your friends, family, or shops and supermarkets in your neighborhood instead of purchasing them could help with your budget. You can also use materials in your possession such as newspapers, blankets, and clothes as protective wrappers for your fragile items.

Remember, the right set of materials could not only ensure the safety of your belongings, but it could also make packing a fun and satisfying activity.

Once you are equipped with the tools for packing, it is time to put your belongings in those boxes. Make sure you have planned a course of action to avoid mishaps. You can also Indulge your creative side in the process and make packing a fun activity.

2. Organizing your Packing

When you move, it is almost certain that you will not require all your possessions in your new space. Declutter your belongings and sell/ donate/ discard the stuff you no longer need before you pack.  

The order in which you pull your things off the shelves, along with the order in which you put your belongings into the boxes can help you massively when you unpack. There are many ways in which you could do this. For example, you can pack your items room by room if you are planning a similar layout in your new space. 

You could also group your items by categories such as hardware, electronics or furniture and pack them together to make finding things easier. The key here is to choose a method that makes sense to you and proceed with it.

3. Managing the Load

How your boxes weigh could significantly help in ensuring the safety of your possessions. Make sure you pad each box with newspaper, bubble wrap, blankets, or old clothes before putting things in them. This will give the box an added layer of sturdiness when they are lifted and moved.

Since these boxes move around a few times before they reach their destination, it is sensible to manage their weight. Pack with heavier things at the bottom and lighter things towards the top of the boxes. This helps in maintaining balance and prevents boxes from moving around during transit. You should also make sure that you don’t fill boxes up to their brim so that they don’t become overly heavy. 

4. Spacing Within the Boxes

Even if you fill a box with the right weight setting, its contents could still be damaged if they move around in the box and clatter with each other. Make use of newspapers and clothes as fillers to make sure that things hold firm within boxes. This is particularly important in the case of fragile objects. You can wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap before putting them in boxes and then use fillers to restrict their movement. 

5. Labelling the Boxes

It is of utmost importance that you label a box correctly and properly once you have finished packing it. This not only helps you recognize the product in each box but also helps your moving partner in the handling of each box. 

Similar to organizing your packing, labelling should also be done in a way that makes sense to you. You can choose the label according to the way you pack. For example, If you pack room by room, you can label each box with the name of the room. You can also leave markers to help you unpack, such as numbering the boxes in the order you plan to unpack.

Marking your boxes with instructions for your moving partner can further help your moving process. Instructions such as “fragile” and “This side up” will prompt your moving partner to handle the box accordingly, thereby increasing the safety of your belongings.

6. Avoiding Spills and Packing Mistakes

A common mistake you could make while packing is ignoring the chances of spillage. Things such as nails, powders and liquids could always spill if not packed properly. Make sure that you find such things and use liquid specific material, plastic, newspaper or clothes as an added packaging to prevent them from filling.

Also, there are things you will require during unpacking such as cutter, scissors and hammers. If you pack these into your boxes, it might be difficult to find these when you unpack. So, make sure you take them separately to your new space and avoid having to hunt for them through your boxes.

Happy Unpacking!

Executing a well-planned activity with the Six Guidelines for the Art of Moving Your Things Safely can be a lot of fun. And it is the same with unpacking. Going through your well-packed boxes and finding space for your possessions can be a creative and rewarding process. It is also an opportunity to dive into your memories with your loved ones. Experience hassle-free unpacking with the best movers and packers in Dubai and Sharjah!  



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