5 Ways to Reduce Your House Things Before Relocating

If you’re moving to a city like Dubai or Sharjah, you might want to consider trying out the tiny house trend. Bigger houses mean high maintenance costs and an overwhelming amount of clutter. Some key benefits of downsizing your homes are to save money and get rid of unused spaces. If you’re a true millennial who’d like to save up and retire early, this is the best practice for you. While decluttering your old home might seem like a daunting task, it’s quite easy! If you’re struggling with it, you can enlist the help of movers in Sharjah or home packers in Dubai. If you’re on a budget, here are just follow 5 Ways to reduce your house things before relocating.

Plan Ahead and Tackle One Room At A Time!

A general rule of thumb that you can follow is to start early. Having at least 3 months to pack up and clear your spaces is ideal. If you don’t have enough time, don’t worry. Decluttering in a short time is salvageable. No matter how and when you decide to downsize, always remember that the aim is to create a balanced workflow. It will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and burnt out very quickly. 

Take a walk around your current home and have a look at all your possessions. Try splitting the entire home into various zones. Create multiple small and manageable tasks for yourself. When you complete even the tiniest project, you will feel motivated and inspired to finish them all at your own pace. Starting one room at a time can be extremely helpful. You can allot one week for each space and give yourself projects for each zone. Doing this gives you ample time to go through the articles. It will allow you to decide what you want to keep and take to your new house. 

Find Some Structure and Create A Digital Inventory Of All Of Your Goods

Trying to find some structure while organizing and decluttering can help you go a long way. There are several organization methods that you can follow to make the process easier. 

One of the methods is the trendy and recently popularized KonMari Method. In this, you take a pile of items from a category, say perhaps clothes, your book collections or your kitchenware. Then, you will analyze each item and see whether it ‘sparks joy’ within you. If so, you’ll retain it. If not, you will get rid of that article. 

There’s also the One-A-Day Method. Here, you discard one item per day. An alternative practice in this method is to discard the same number of articles as the dates in a month.  

In addition to this, creating a digital inventory of all your goods is highly recommended. It will let you see all the items you own at a glance. Furthermore, it will help you decide what things you need and should take to your new home. When you finally pack your goods away, such an inventory will help you track everything. 

Get The Dimensions Of Your New Living Space

Ask your local movers and packers in Dubai or Sharjah to get you the exact dimensions of your new home. It will let you decide what you have to take during your relocation. It will serve as a basis on which you can discard or retain homeware. If your new house is more compact, it makes no sense for you to take a bed that won’t even fit through the doorway. The same goes with your closet size and the number of clothes that you’ll keep. 

The measurements also help you design your apartment or villa before the move. Conceptualizing the look and feel of each space will let you retain and declutter things accordingly. It is a massive game-changer in the art of downsizing!

Set Some Decluttering Ground Rules And Stick To Them

Before you start, set some ground rules. Restrict your options of how you deal with each item. It should either be retained, donated, recycled/discarded or sold. Avoid putting anything in the storage. Do not dedicate unnecessary boxes or space for storage. Make sure that you stick to these ground rules while sorting through your items.

It is a great practice to digitize as much as you can. Try to empty your filing cabinets and get rid of other paperwork. You can do this by digitizing and uploading them on cloud or hard drives. Doing this will allow you to discard the hard copies without any hesitation. You can do this for old cassettes, DVDs, CDs, and even photographs. It will help you go paperless and create more space. 

Save and Memorialize Your Sentimental Articles

As you’re cleaning, you’re bound to find some sentimental items. Some of them can be taken to your new place while some cannot. Instead of donating or selling furniture or decore items you are attached to, you can always reach out to your friends and family. You can pass down these sentimental pieces to them if you still wish to hold onto them in some way. 

Also, try taking pictures of souvenirs or moments that you might miss. Looking at your fond memories will put you and your heart at ease. It will make the transition to a new living space simpler. You can also try to memorialize some items. You can create a digital album of your old house and the memories it carried. This album will serve as a ‘treasure’ photo collection that reminds you of your memorable past. 

Enlisting The Help Of The Best Movers And Packers In Dubai and Sharjah

Packing and shifting to new places can be extremely tedious. If, at any point, you feel that you need an extra set of helping hands, go for it! Approach moving companies near you and hire a team of movers and packers. Their professional expertise and seamless service will make the entire process less hectic. 

Working alongside them will give you the added benefit of downsizing and packing your items away simultaneously. Such an arrangement is ideal for you if you’re short on time. So what are you waiting for? Follow these 5 Ways to reduce your house things before relocating and find the best movers and packers in the UAE that best suit your needs now!


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