5 Tips to Avoid Fake Packers and Movers In Dubai and Sharjah

5 Tips to Avoid Fraud Packers and Movers in UAE 

Relocations are new beginnings. Uprooting your possessions and memories from your home can be thrilling and tiresome. A fast-growing and ever-booming economy can help bridge the gap between you and your goals. 

However, amidst the thrill, there are some things you have to look out for. After visa processing is through, you step into the most vital part of relocating; finding trustworthy and authentic packers and movers in Dubai. Here are some tips to help you look out for fake packers and movers 

  • Do A Thorough Research Before Finalizing

As the saying goes, “Research is turning the unknown into reality”. Doing complete research is the first and the foremost step in finding the best packers and movers. Before deciding on a packing firm, you should gather as much information as possible about it. You can refer to their reviews on their official websites and client feedback.

Do not restrict your search to just one or two companies. Visit multiple movers and packers in and around Dubai and Sharjah. Get all possible quotations and a complete list of their services. It will allow you to make a fair comparison and get an idea of the price range. Make sure that you gain a thorough insight into the company’s insurance. Authentic and good players in the market offer fool-proof insurance to clients. 

  • Avoid Choosing a Service That Seems ‘Too Cheap’ 

Random pop-ups on Google have us moving to different sites almost every time. It is mostly the close-to-zero rates that attract us towards them. On a similar note, while finding the best packers and movers in the UAE, you might come across similar companies that quote ‘near-to-zero prices’ for the services they offer. 

Always remember that ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ packers and movers are two completely different things. Beware of those who promise a large number of bonuses in addition to a complete relocation package at an exceedingly low price. A useful thing to keep in mind is that almost everything comes with a considerable price. If it’s anything below the standard market price, the chances are that the services won’t be authentic.

  • Look Into Official Certification and License Verification 

The easiest way to find out whether the company is legitimate is to through their legal license and certificates. Every company will have a legal registration certificate and license for its functioning. Also, before selecting movers and packers, make sure that you review all of the terms and conditions of the services rendered thoroughly.

Get details on other domains too such as the USDOT Number and FMCSA. Such registrations will keep you away from those involved in fraudulent practices. 

  • Refrain From Paying in Advance

Even if you have found yourself reputed and certified movers and packers, avoid paying their complete fees before the relocation. Making a complete, upfront payment can put you in a tricky spot since there’s no guarantee. In fact, most reputable packers and movers will not insist on a complete payment for their services before the relocation.

Some companies may demand an advance of up to 20% of the total package you’ve selected. Do not pay more than that as it may put you at risk for fraud. The entire payment must be completed only at the time of delivery.

  • Beware of Fake Brand Connections

The packers and movers’ field is very competitive. There are many well-operating companies that offer you the best of services at affordable budgets. However, you must keep in mind that many reputed companies have fake franchises that steal their brand name, logo and other credentials. Such fraudulent companies not only attract the attention of potential buyers but also degrade the brand’s general worth and goodwill.

To avoid falling prey to such fraud, try to visit the company’s head office. The company’s certification and license verification will come in handy in such a case.

Make The Right Choice!

Some movers and packers might ask for hidden charges after they provide the service. Make sure you ask for any hidden charges before you opt for a particular service. It will prevent you from being in a sticky situation later.

For optimal cost-cutting, you can try to downsize your goods before the move. This ensures lesser confusion and chaos on the day of the move. It also makes the entire process more efficient. 

Follow these 5 tips to avoid fraud packers and movers in UAE and get rid of the fraudulent companies. This will allow you to ensure the safety and genuineness of the entire process. Happy moving!

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