6 Tips To Help You Pack Your Wardrobe While Relocating In The UAE

Six Tips for Packing your Wardrobe to Move in the UAE : 

Packing your wardrobe while moving out can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming. However, it is essential to do it with care and patience to ensure that your valuable wardrobe reaches its destination safely. Especially in a metropolitan city like Dubai, to keep up with the trends, you might find yourself buying and hoarding multiple similar pieces. This makes your wardrobe overflowing with dozens of pieces that have very little difference from each other. Relocating such an overflowing wardrobe becomes a herculean task, thus making it necessary to let go of a few pieces and prioritize what needs to be given away and what is to be kept.

Finding a starting point for packing can be tricky. To make it easier for you, here are six tips for packing your wardrobe to move in the UAE :
  • Start With The Clutter

Prioritize what you want and what would be practical for your lifestyle in the weather conditions of the city you live in. Haven’t used that winter jacket in over a year? Chances are high that you probably don’t need it. Donate or resell the items you don’t need anymore. 

Doing this would make it easier for you and the movers & packers to get the moving done on time. In case you have items that need to be repaired, try to keep them separate. You can use a different bag to keep clothes or accessories that need some kind of repair. Try to get them mended before the relocators come in to avoid any confusion.

  • Organise What You’ve Retained

Once you have decided what to keep and what to discard, you can move on to organizing them. Your clothes can be organised based on the occasions they are meant for like formal wear, festive wear, or loungewear. It may be a little time-consuming but doing this will make the process of moving, packing, and unpacking a lot easier. 

You can also move further and organize your bags, shoes, and other accessories using the same technique. Storing different clothes in separate bags will make it easier for you to find things when the moving has been done. It will allow you to unpack and organize your wardrobe more efficiently. However, if you’re struggling to make some time for this, you can always hire professional organizers in the UAE to get this done hassle-free.

  • Learn How To Pack Efficiently

After deciding what to keep and sorting through your clothes, you’ll need to focus on how you can pack them. For instance, delicate fabrics or clothes may get tampered with if you don’t fold or cover them in separate bags. With some fabrics like linen or denim, you may be fine with simply folding and keeping them in a large bag or box. 

Remember to pay special attention to your luxury wear. If you have a lot of designer wear, be sure, to specify your needs packing company. It will allow them to ensure that proper care is given to them.

 When it comes to expensive jewellery or designer bags, make sure that you pack them safely. Also, keep an inventory of all the items you’ve handed over to the movers. It will help you track your valuables and give you a sense of relief during the move.

  • Do Your Laundry Before The Move

To prevent your clothes from smelling badly or developing fungus, make sure to do your laundry before you start packing. Don’t pack clothes that need washing, along with the ones that have been already cleaned. You can also get your clothes ironed and neatly folded by professional launders. It will help you ensure that your garments won’t occupy too much space while packing.

If necessary, you can also opt to use silica gel sachets while packing your shoes and bags. It will avoid the articles from absorbing moisture and getting spoiled. This is especially helpful while packing items made from leather or cashmere.

  • Go Through Your Skincare and Makeup 

Check the expiration date of your toiletries and cosmetics before packing them. If you see that they’ve expired, discard them and replace them with new ones if required. Try to pack makeup and skincare in separate boxes. 

Make sure that everything is kept tightly in the boxes. You can even use bubble wraps or packing peanuts to insulate them further. Doing this will help you ensure that the products don’t break, spill, or get damaged in transit. 

Mark the boxes containing your toiletries as ‘fragile’. It is also advisable to talk to your packers & movers and inform them that such boxes need to be handled with care.

  • Label Everything To Avoid Confusion

You should label every box based on the contents inside it. Further, you can also make a list of all the boxes you have packed. It will help you track your items better while moving and when you have to unpack. 

Mark boxes with things like glass bottles or your luxury wear as ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care. Keep all the things you’re donating in a separate box and be sure to label them.

Hire Professional Movers And Packers In Dubai Or Sharjah

If moving and packing do not seem like your cup of tea, don’t worry! Seek expert help from the best packers and movers in Dubai. They will take care of everything from sorting to unpacking, making it a seamless and hassle-free process. Follow the above mentioned six tips for packing your wardrobe to move in the UAE.

You can always customize the services you opt for according to your needs and budget. Having such an arrangement will help you focus on other aspects of your move, like getting the paperwork done and spending quality time with your neighbors and friends before you leave!

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