Tips for Students While Relocating in Dubai or Sharjah

A Basic Guide For Students: Tips for Students While Relocating in Dubai or Sharjah

Congratulations on your big moving decision and keep in mind you’re going one step ahead on the success ladder! But, packing and moving can be daunting and back-breaking than it sounds; creating a home away from home and that too from square one. It proves to be an added stress to the whole procedure and finally results in frantically tossing all of your goods into a box, in a nick of time. Upon arrival, you would realize it is half broken or wrongly packed! But, worry not! Here is your ultimate 101 on relocating to Dubai or Sharjah.

5 things to keep in mind!

  1. Go through the college diary

Getting in trouble at college is something you would wanna avoid. So, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the college rules and structure to get a grasp of things happening around you. This can also help prevent awkward situations and reduce anxiety on arriving at a completely new place.

  1. Learn basic Arabic

Learning the native language of any country is always a value added for the expats entering. Accordingly, it is highly advisable to learn the basic Arabic words to help accommodate better and faster in the Middle East (for example asking for the route, water, etc. won’t be difficult to learn). Although, it is not compulsory as Dubai and Sharjah are well developed and a fair share of the population speaks eloquent English!

  1. Hire efficient packers and movers

Most people face a certain degree of anxiety when it comes to packing belongings close to them. It’s harder on an emotional level than physical. As it involves uprooting your trillion worth of memories that you wouldn’t want to risk. Hence it is highly sensible to hire professional packers and movers to do the job for you. Moreover, Doing it yourself can result in improper and incomplete documentation and utter chaos in the end, but packers and movers help simplify your moving decision (especially when you’re travelling overseas). Such companies provide the appropriate packing materials, tools, and equipment, as well as competent and certified personnel.

  1. Get a local Sim and bank account

Local calls and communications are going to be on the high once you land in the UAE. Even with the already existing sim, you might not find reasonable recharge plans. Activating a local sim can therefore ensure 24*7 communication. Bank accounts also work on similar lines as transactions can be student-friendly for expat students. Most banks provide free debit cards and online banking to students The main benefit of a student bank account is the interest-free overdraft options.

  1. Get to know the place and the person

If you’re travelling elsewhere, you will mostly have a roommate who would share your room. Contact and develop a good rapport with your roommate beforehand. This will help you have a better bonding session once you meet them in person. The UAE has a thousand and more places that are worth visiting at least once. It is not all about the desert safaris and snow worlds or the Burjs. There is Deep Diving, Dubai Marina, Water theme parks and a million more that can blow yours and your friends’ minds out of proportion. So never miss a chance to get your hats on and take a stroll out!


  1. Forgetting the essentials

While you want to pack and include the entire life’s worth of belongings, there are still some must-takes that students miss out on. This can even prove to be a hurdle in the admission process. Get a checklist of your essentials ready and pack them off before you sign the whole job off to the movers and packers.

  1. Buy or Ship new supplies

Purchasing before relocating often leads to a panic-buy situation for students. They prefer to buy everything prior to moving and often fail to realize that certain goods might be cheaper and of better quality in Dubai or Sharjah. A thorough study will point out a wise purchase decision, helping in reducing the packing loads as well as in cost-cutting.

  1. Hiring packers and movers at the last minute

A last-minute decision is synonymous with chaos and confusion. A majority of the international/relocating students pay an unreasonable amount on packing and moving. Contact professional packers and movers and ask for their detailed services. They provide quality arrangements and suggest good transportation methods to move the goods faster and provide tailor-made relocation plans suitable for you. Packers and movers work efficiently and fixing it prior can help resolve the unforeseen contingencies in the documentation and moving process. Goods would mostly be insured if professional movers and packers are involved.

  1. Not keeping a check on your budget

Once you get used to the living styles in the UAE, there is a higher chance you might keep very little or zero track of your expenses. Save and spend wisely. Keep a weekly budget that you would not cross at any cost. (obviously, unless there is an emergency you can’t avoid)

Although moving seems impossible and herculean, it has the potential to be the most beautiful phase of your life. So do not turn it down at any cost! While moving, try and keep a checklist of everything important and try not to leave anything behind. Save yourself the burden by hiring packers and movers for easy and safe shifting. Welcome to a new phase – to learn new things and experience a better life! 

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