Best Practices for Packing Your Kitchen and Utilities

Top & Best Practices for Packing Your Kitchen and Utilities

The United Arab Emirates is well-known for its rapidly growing economy and luxurious lifestyles. If you are a resident moving to the UAE or across the cities of Dubai or Sharjah, here are the Best Practices for Packing Your Kitchen and Utilities!

  1. Get Organized!

Go around your kitchen and utility. Analyze the space and the items! It will help you plan the packing process, making it easier. This means that you can reduce wastage and make the move more effective. Pull out all the items from your kitchen shelves and drawer. Lay them out and have a close look at them. A good rule of thumb is to throw out all expired food, electronics and gadgets you haven’t used for 15 months. The next step would be to go through the pantry. Find all the perishable items and keep them separately. You can either try to use them up before the move or throw them away. For non-perishable or canned foods, it’s wise to hold onto them. They can serve as emergency meals, either before or after your hectic move.

  1. Clear the Clutter!

After identifying what can stay and what needs to go, you need to clear your space. It will allow you to see what you’ve held onto. If you think you’ve got too much at hand, go through the inventory again and try to eliminate items. Always keep in mind the kitchen and utility space available in your new apartment. Doing this will prevent you from hoarding unnecessary items, especially damaged crockery or chipped glasses. While memorabilia is an exception, if possible, it is wise to donate them. Unless you’re certain you’re going to use an item, it is ideal to donate or discard it. 

  1. Find the Right Packing Material

While moving a kitchen or utility, the right packing supplies play a crucial role. They can prevent unfortunate accidents and also ensure safety during transit. If this is tricky terrain for you to navigate, you can always approach your local movers and packers to help you. Enlisting the help of professional relocators can help you save a ton of money. They know the right way to pack fragile items like your glassware and silverware, pots and pans. This means that at the end of the move, you’ll have virtually zero broken dishes and no mess whatsoever. 

However, if you want to tackle this task by yourself, you need some packing essentials. These are heavy-duty cartons, gloves, boxes, labels and most importantly, lots of insulation. For padding or insulating your kitchenware, you can use high-quality foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or even old clothes.

Yes, clothes! Towels, thick towels, woolen sweaters and even T-shirts are excellent for packing purposes. You can use them to make bundles and stuff them between orifices to reduce damage. Doing this will save you a lot of space while moving and reduce the number of boxes during your move.

  1. Do Your Dishes!

Before you start packing, clean your dishes! Make sure that you wash and dry each plate before packing. It ensures that the carton with your kitchenware is clean and isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. 

Wrap your plates in Styrofoam or T-shirts individually and stack them. Try to create small and compact bundles of each item to ensure efficiency. You can do the same with your cutlery, glasses and Tupperware. 

Keep the knives away! Due to their obvious safety hazards, be very careful while packing knives. Designate a box specifically for knives and label it. You can opt for specialty boxes designed for knives or wing them with regular boxes! But always ensure safety first! Being callous with knives can put you and the team of packers and movers at risk!

To ensure maximum safety, keep them separate and insulate them well. You can use thick towels for this. If you’re packing multiple knives in a single bundle, make sure to cushion each blade. You can place the knives in such a manner that they’re all facing the same direction. Then, fold over and wrap another cloth around their tips. It is also essential to label the direction of the blades to prevent accidents!

When it comes to pots and pans, you can try the Russian Doll Method. It’s stacking smaller pots into larger ones and securing them. While doing so, make sure that the dishes are well insulated and compactly placed. In such situations, crushed paper and packing peanuts come handy. They can effectively fill up odd spaces between pans and serve as padding. Doing this prevents your cookware from cracking or breaking during transit. 

Pack Away With the Right Movers and Packers in Dubai and Sharjah!

If you find the packing process too hectic, you can approach a local relocating agency to make the process easier. Their professional expertise and specialized training will help you pack your kitchen utility and also help you set it up for you in your new home! Moreover, It will allow you to both personalize your new kitchen and set it to maximize its utility. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best movers and packers in Dubai & Sharjah to experience organized and zero hassle relocation. 

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