Top Ten Suggestions for Moving in UAE on a Budget

With bustling economies and exceptional standards of living, Dubai and Sharjah are prime locations for new businesses and expansions. If you find yourself seeking guidance on how to relocate to these cities on a budget, we got your back. You just need to follow top ten suggestions for moving in UAE on a budget. 

1. Declutter, Donate, or Sell

Go through every nook and corner of your home, from your fashionable closet to the forgotten garage. Make an inventory of the items that you really need and choose to keep. Do not hoard and hold onto things that will have no purpose in your new space. 

If you find yourself having a hard time parting from your things- KonMari it. After all, the goal of the KonMari Method is to have a house full of items that spark joy.

For the items you no longer need, make donation piles and thrift them. In fact, some thrift stores also give you drive-up garage access to make it easier for you to unload bulky goods.

You could also sell some on local Facebook communities or online shopping sites. Another excellent way to declutter your old stuff is by giving them to your family and friends. It will help you settle the odds and give you a new set of memories to hold onto. 

2. Envision your new living space

Oftentimes items that look good in one space may not complement or even fit in another. To avoid such mishaps, build a mental image of what you expect your new home to look like. It will help you save the extra bucks you’d spend getting your home professionally optimized by your relocation company. 

Make sure to get the exact dimensions of the rooms in your new living space and do not eye-ball them! It will help you to gauge the placement of items and envision the finished rooms. 

It will avoid sizing mishaps and help you determine what won’t fit in your new space. Thus, it’ll become much easier for you to choose what furniture will stay or what needs to be sold. 

3. Refrain from Buying Items Before Your Move

Although it may sound obvious, avoid buying things for your new home prior to the relocation. These additional items will scale up the total number of goods. They will also drive up the cost of the entire process exponentially. 

Additionally, this unspent money may come in handy in case you need to sort out any last-minute emergencies. It’s always advisable to keep some extra cash with you when you’re relocating. 

4. Approach your Moving Company 

Once you’re done scaling your items, approach a movers and packers company. Most relocation businesses in Sharjah and Dubai will offer you a pre-fixed rate or quote an estimated cost for the entire move in case you have any special requirements. 

Instead of relying solely on these estimates, ask your moving company for a fixed price. This will save you the hassle of paying an inflated cost for the services on the day of the move. 

5. Compare Estimated Quotations

Approach at least 3-4 movers and packers companies and ask them for quotations. Then, do a side-by-side comparison of the prices and the services.

In addition, make sure to read reviews left by customers who’ve opted for said relocation companies. Pay extra attention to recurring negative reviews and inflated prices. This will help you choose the most affordable and well-rounded packing company. 

6. Avoid the Moving Season

Since summer is the most preferred season to move, most packers’ companies bump up their prices. To avoid paying more for the same services, try to move off-season. 

Although this might require some extra planning time, it will make your move more economical. 

7. Schedule it at the Right Time

Besides the season, the time of your move will also play an important factor in determining its cost. Most rental leases expire at the end of the month making it the attest time to approach your local movers and packers. Thus, rates tend to be higher towards the end of the month and on weekends.

If your schedule is flexible, try to book your move mid-month and on a working day. This will make the entire moving process much more appealing for your set budget. 

8. Avoid Paying for Packaging Material

Paying for materials such as boxes can make your move very expensive. Although most movers and packers in Dubai and Sharjah give you the options to opt for high-quality packaging if on a budget avoid it. 

Try to scout for boxes on your own by asking around; it could be family, friends, or even your office colleagues. You could try your hand with local bargain groups on social media or use Facebook communities to find people who are looking to give boxes away. If all fail, you could resort to online retailers who sell packaging materials at affordable rates.

9. Get Creative With Your Packing

While moving on a budget, optimize the items you own and use them for insulating and packaging. Always remember, the more creative you get, the less you’ll spend on boxes. 

Make the most out of your clothes! You can try wrapping your glassware and silverware with thick fabrics and towels. You can also use socks and t-shirts to fill up crevices and insulate packages to prevent any breakages. Doing this will help you minimize the space required for transporting your clothes. It will additionally serve the purpose of packaging your items at no cost. 

This will help you save a ton of money. In fact, you may even find yourself much within your desired budget. 

10. Try Additional Storage Options

You may find yourself in a situation where your move is temporary. Or you may have a lot of items that you weren’t able to discard before your move. In such a case, go to a warehouse. Renting a storage unit in Dubai or Sharjah will help make the entire move hassle-free and reduce the size of the cargo. This will save you any additional costs incurred during the move due to the large shipment size. 

Optimize Your Movers And Packers Experience On A Limited Budget 

Using the aforementioned pointers, you can customize your move according to your estimates. Additionally, if you find yourself on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget, approaching relocation agencies based in UAE may be your best bet, just follow the top ten suggestions for moving in UAE on a budget. Try to find seasoned professionals who offer all the services you require while respecting you and your budget. 

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