Top Packing Tips from Professional Movers and Packers

The United Arab Emirates is a treasure trove of opportunities. It’s the ideal place to start a business or even a family. As a matter of fact, you might even find yourself moving across Dubai or Sharjah. Don’t worry, though. We got your back! Follow the top packing tips from professional movers and packers. Soon enough, you will learn how to pack boxes for moving. Assuredly these tricks by relocation companies will optimize the process. Surprisingly enough, you might even end up enjoying it.

1. Declutter- Discard, Donate or Sell

Before you start packing, make sure to go through all the items you own. While you’re at it, start decluttering and organizing. You can discard the things that you no longer need by selling them or thrifting them. You can do so either in stores or online through social media

2. Categorize and Label

Categorize your belongings and make an inventory of all items. This will help you check for extras and will give the entire process some structure. In addition, create an effective labeling system and color code similar items. 

You can print or DIY multi-colored packing labels, or even assign different colored tapes to each category. This will help you group items better when you or your relocation team is packing them into boxes. It also makes it easy for your movers and packers to recognize and pay extra attention to fragile items in transit. 

3. Pay Extra Attention to Documents

Oftentimes paperwork is overlooked in the entire process of the move. Make sure to go through and sort out your documents prior. Furthermore, group the similar ones together and file them in color-coded or well-labelled folders. If possible, try to deposit them in your bank’s safe along with your  jewelry. You can also hand them off to your trusted ones for safekeeping. 

4. Find Your Boxes and Invest in Packing Material

Once you’ve scaled all your belongings, you could approach movers and packers in Dubai and Sharjah. They offer efficient packing services and make use of high-grade materials. Most relocation companies provide options such as anti-static packing, vacuum packaging and HD foam packaging. You can opt for either or use a combination of them all for different items. 

However, if you’re on a budget, try to scout around for boxes. Make sure that the boxes you choose aren’t compromised. Excessive wear and tear, exposure to moisture or a bug infestation will reduce their durability. You do not want your boxes falling apart in transit. For affordable options, you could approach local bargain stores or even resort to online retailers.  

If you decide not to opt for movers and packers services, it’s better to keep a tool kit and extension cords at hand. Furthermore, it is advisable to invest in packaging paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts and high-quality masking tape. These will come in use while filling the gaps in your cartons.

5. Insulate Your Breakables

Make sure to pay extra attention to fragile items. You can use plenty of bunched-up paper, padding, or crumpled newspaper to insulate them. In fact, you could also opt for foam packaging or bubble wrap to cushion them properly. Try to spend more time wrapping these items carefully. Also, make sure to place your breakables in similar boxes and label them as ‘fragile. This will save you a ton of money later and make the entire move less stressful. 

6. Choose Your Boxes and Pack Your Cartons

It is advisable to opt for corrugated cartons as opposed to the regular cardboard ones.  Corrugated is made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet. It is a resilient material that is also lightweight. This ensures that your cartons and the goods inside will remain sound even if exposed to shocks, moisture, and sudden temperature changes. 

Once you’ve got your boxes, you need to start packing. Always remember to not overexert yourself. To prevent this, you can set aside an hour or two in your day to pack. This slow and steady approach will make sure that you don’t burn out quickly. While packing, try not to cram too many items in one box. This will overburden your boxes and create unmanageable loads that are hard to lift. 

7. Load Yours Boxes- Heavy to Light

Always remember to lay down some form of insulation in the boxes before you load them up. You can start off by placing heavier and flatter items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. This technique will help minimize damage to your breakables. 

Additionally, you can keep heavy and compact items like books in smaller boxes and the lighter ones in larger boxes. This will help the movers and packers to organize and pack your boxes better into their vehicles. 

However, to avoid this ordeal and make your move less stressful, you can try approaching your local relocation companies. They guide you through the process and will offer you assistance with the process. If you’re short on time and have a tight schedule, hiring a team of packers and movers can help tremendously to hasten your packing process.

8. Prevent Nasty Spills Using Plastic

Pay attention to any items that could potentially leak from toiletries to even lava lamps. Try to wrap all these items using plastic wraps and pack them away from your dry items for good measure. This will prevent your cartons from getting soggy or damaged due to liquids oozing out. Thus you can avoid any unfortunate mishaps and reduce any risk to your belongings. 

9. Get Creative With Your Packing

Try to repurpose your household items as much as possible while you’re packing. In fact, you can use your clothing to insulate and cushion your cartons. Use thicker fabrics or towels as buffers to keep your glassware and dishware safe during transit.

Additionally, you could roll your lighter clothes like tees or socks and stuff them in any gaps in your cartons. This will make them extra sturdy and prevent your things from moving around. Doing this will minimize the cost of packing and reduce the extra space your clothes would’ve taken up!

10. Avoid Packing Mistakes

While packing, it is also crucial to make a note of the things that cannot be ported in the moving truck. Chemicals and tools can be hazardous in transit as they can result in dangerous leaks. Thus, it is better to dispose of them before relocation. You must follow the top packing tips from professional movers and packers in UAE. 

Or you move them separately under the guidance of your movers and packers using all precautions. In such a case make sure to pack fire extinguishers, paints and varnishes, auto batteries, ammonia and chlorine granules separately. Failing to do so will endanger not only your life but also put the team of movers at grave risk. 

Approach Your Local Relocation Agency

Movers and Packers in Sharjah and Dubai are your best bet when you need to move furniture pieces, bulky goods or sensitive items like electronics and tech gadgets. They provide seamless services and will make the entire process of moving less hectic. This is especially useful in the dismantling and reassembling of larger items. They also offer additional services to help you reinstall your gadgets and reconfigure your new living space.  The combination of these services is great value for your money and will help you be at ease during the move. Make the right choice and find the best relocators around you who will tend to your needs at your desired budget.

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